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Nouvelle Alpina is a charming and authentic lodging, based in the stunning Swiss village of Champéry; ideal for groups, sports camps, ski camps, green camps and seminars, vacation camps, family reunions & birthdays all throughout the four seasons!

With an autonomous management style, you will have the run of the lodge. This consists of 30 bedrooms, equipped with between 2-6 beds, and can accommodate up to 80 guests. You will also have a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal which is managed by the group.

The manager will welcome you on your arrival to guide you through the facilities of Nouvelle Alpina, they will arrive to check the premises on departure and they are also available if necessary, throughout your stay.

La Nouvelle Alpina is located in Champéry, in the canton of Wallis, Switzerland.

Altitude of the Auberge la Nouvelle Alpina: 1'068 meters











The self-catering vacation resort for groups, 365 days-a-year.

Relaxation areas

Several relaxation areas are there for your comfort, such as a library overlooking the mountain range and two spacious rooms on the first floor.

Panoramic view

Nouvelle Alpina is located in the picturesque Swiss village of Champéry boasting a panoramic view of one of the most scenic mountain ranges of the Alps; The Dents-du-Midi.

Ski & bike room

A room for storing sports equipment, such as skis in the winter or bicycles in the summer, is located at the foot of the stairs at the entrance to the establishment.

Living room TV cinema

The cinema-style TV area is the perfect place to relax and unwind whilst watching a movie with your fellow guests.

Non-smoking facility

Smoking is not permitted in the facility. Dedicated smoking areas are located outside the building.

Wifi available

Wifi access is available free of charge in the entire facility. The password is shared with guests on the day of their arrival.

Catering area

The Hostel has a large, fully-equipped kitchen and a large dining room with all you need to host meals for the guests.

Bathroom Facilities

The establishment has several showers distributed across the multiple floors, private bathrooms, as well as WC’s.

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